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But while North Chong Ling Long enchanted hospital anxious to completely erase, but this kind of thing, but not so easy to do, dragon enchanted heritage in the North Cang continent, from some extent, even more than they North Cang Ling hospital also old, they used to be overlord of this continent, until the emergence of the North Cang Ling hospital. Lingxi stone since before that stop, the hand mudra, a spiritual power Guanghua grazing, will that enveloped dilapidated stone. cheap jerseys nfl There, Li Xuan Tong volley standing, sword in his hand, ripped through the throat of a male ghost, while at the same time, which is in the hands of the ax, is hacking in his shoulder, the blood flowing. Three huge shadow beast roar, Ta out immediately into three different light color rainbow, haunted storm swept out directly is carrying surging spiritual power, and that repression from the great stone spear, crashing collide! Violent storms matchless spiritual power off, the bottom of the mountain, are being swept too cracked and opened a huge crack a road spreading. That moment a spear would pale white, a blood Kuangpen out, stature Jizhui down the mountain beneath the wrecked life and life collapse down.

"Oh, it seems you are very angry" Tiamat child looked Shen common people, that they are filled with dust, animal husbandry, intended to kill the eyes, it is indifferent smile, he said:"You should be glad I'll shut them here, otherwise, I had to get rid of them is. cheap jerseys nfl china Stature friends laugh loudly, is tearing up the air, under the flash is above the dust appeared in the animal husbandry. They can feel this little flame into the awesome power inherent. That blood armor, modeling is particularly ferocious, dazzling scarlet, like blood solidified, on top of that armor covered with sharp barbs, sharp matchless, at first glance, look reveals a staggering lethality.

The sky, dust, animal husbandry, looked at the storm swept out of the spear, but it is in the eyes of the passing touch of sneer, fingerprints a change. Ling Jinya felt that black minaret of tyranny, trying pushed more power to erase it. But the strength of the days throughout the late teenager, dare shot? Basilica qingpao man is slightly Yi Zheng, immediately empty eyes squint, finger flick, muttering:"of the day throughout the late against five spiritual matrix division. cheap jerseys nfl authentic He said:"From the blood pass back Naruko bell little information point of view, should not be enchanted dragon elders shot though now they are increasingly rampant, but we did not dare to pose a challenge to the spirit of the North Cang hospital" "Then how is it?" Quiet street frown, Shen Tong Li Xuan together with the common people, on this continent north Cang, can be counted as first-class strong, if not the level of elder people, those who pose a threat to them? Cang dean too faint:"The common people and Shen Li Xuan Tong jointly hunting Tiamat child, but who knows this child effort deep, deliberate sign of weakness, but it is secretly reward our hospital north Cang Ling standings third to tenth ruthless people all recruiting in the past, after the situation was, he reversed, and Li Xuan Tong Shen common people fall into the siege, and now the situation is unknown.

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