Messer Lecture

Join us for our 2019 Annual Messer Lecture

Featuring: Dr. Terrell Carter

Terrell Carter

Our 2019 Messer Lecture is a three day, four part, series of lectures and conversations from one of the most interesting people you’ll meet this year. Dr. Terrell Carter is a former police officer in St. Louis, now turned author, artist, minister, community activist, and professor. Join us for a driven discussion on culture, religion, and race as Dr. Carter guides us with his experiences and perspectives.

Tuesday Night:
Artist Talk: Good Negroes
– Catapult Creative House @ 7:00 pm –

Dr. Carter will discuss his gallery of pieces on display that address the idea of what it means to be acceptable in society as a African-American.

Wednesday Night:
Learning to be the Church in the New World
– The Baptist Student Center Chapel @ 8:00 pm –

Join us for a discussion regarding the role of church and faith in a world filled with new challenges.

Thursday Noon:
Featured Lecture: Healing Racial Divides – Finding Strength in our Diversity
– Kent Library @ 12:00pm –

Speaking from his recent book by the same title, Dr. Carter will speak on issues dealing with how racism has created division in our society and how we can move forward in an inclusive and celebratory way.

Thursday Night:
Joint Book Symposium with guest author Dr. Loretta Prater
– University Center Redhawks Room @ 7:00 pm –

Dr. Carter will join with retired Southeast professor and dean Dr. Loretta Prater for a book signing and discussion. Topics will include Dr. Prater’s story dealing with a personal connection to police brutality and excessive force, and Dr. Carter’s experience as both a police officer in St. Louis and a black male. This unique duo share a richness of storytelling and passion for education and progress. Come grab a copy of their books and learn something new.