Sunday & Thursday Meals

Sunday evenings are a busy time at the BSC!  We have our 30 minute Chapel service at 5:30 p.m., featuring music, prayers, and a devotion.

feb letter pic 1 At 6 p.m., we have our Family Meal.  Often it’s a simple as sharing a table together.  Sometimes we have internationally themed meals!  Such as Japanese or Indian nights.  Occasionally we also host movie nights, or holiday themed events.

On Thursdays at noon, we host a free lunch for all students.  This meal is a chance for students to take a break from their busy week and enjoy a warm, delicious meal.  Students also get the chance to hang out with friends and relax!  If you’re busy you can come at noon, eat quickly, and be on your way!  If you have more time on Thursday’s at noon, you can relax and visit with friends and play games!

These meals are named after Rev. A.B. Cooper of Charleston, who helped start the Baptist Student Center here in Cape during the late 1930s and was its first executive secretary.

Come join us next Thursday and/or Sunday for good food and some great conversation!